you are not a clown you are the particular circus is a meme for roastin toastin

‘You Are Not A Clown, You Are The particular Circus’ Is A Meme For Roastin’ & Toastin’

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'You Are Not A Clown, You Are The particular Circus' Is A Meme For Roastin' & Toastin'

You don’t need to be informed about the game   Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney   to increase in value these memes. The format offers a high definition screenshot of Miles Edgeworth, who appears to be saying “You ordinarily are not a clown, you are the entire circus. ” The line is actually from a viral tweet from Twitter user @javeigh. The pairing works astonishingly nicely, and has quickly morphed from a Flickr joke into a full fledged meme. Here are some of our favorites.


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