what if i put my minecraft bed next to yours is our new favorite cringey meme

‘What If I… Put My Minecraft Bed Next to Yours?’ Is Our New Favorite Cringey Meme

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'What If I... Put My Minecraft Bed Next to Yours?' Is Our New Favorite Cringey Meme

Y’all already know there’s been a huge resurgence of Minecraft memes all over Reddit and Instagram. A new one has just hit Twitter and it’s  absolutely overflowing with cringe. This one’s some primo copypasta that started with a sheepish joke tweet from @indeprive that reads  “what if I… put my Minecraft bed… next to yours .. aha ha, just kidding.. unless..?” The tweet’s cringey and flirtatious tone made it ripe for parody. Twitter users started using the text with images of their favorite anime characters. One even brilliant roasts ProJared. We’re looking forward to seeing this meme touch on some more fandoms, but have put together some of our current favorites while we wait anxiously. 


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