this cat does not exist is creating horrifying ai generated nightmare fuel

‘This Cat Does Not Exist’ Is Creating Horrifying AI-Generated Nightmare Fuel

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'This Cat Does Not Exist' Is Creating Horrifying AI-Generated Nightmare Fuel

We recently learned about This Person Does Not Exist – a website that uses AI to generate human faces that, well, don’t exist. Many of the faces appear impressively real. The same is not true for the cat version of the website, This Cat Does Not Exist. In fact, we’d say a huge majority of the cats that appear when the site is refreshed are actually completely terrifying. We see our furry friends contorted into strange, surreal, and cursed forms. Some of them are reminiscent of those hideous Medieval cat paintings. Other images look a bit more…abstract. We’ve rounded up some of our weirdest results, but please check out the actual site. It will provide you with hours of creepy entertainment.


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