the x ray is safe dont worry memes hilariously cement our mistrust of doctors

‘The X-ray Is Safe, Don’t Worry’ Memes Hilariously Cement Our Mistrust Of Doctors

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'The X-ray Is Safe, Don't Worry' Memes Hilariously Cement Our Mistrust Of Doctors

If you’ve ever had an x-ray, you’ve probably found it a bit odd that the doctors or x-ray technicians are quick to assure you of the procedure’s safety, just before hiding behind a wall to complete the process. We’re certainly not the first to believe that something doesn’t add up, and that sentiment is being reflected in one of our new favorite meme trends. While scientifically speaking the occasional x-ray is harmless, memers in the r/dankmemes community and on Instagram are really milking anyone’s doubt. And we’re loving it.


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