the me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018 meme is way too relatable

The ‘Me Voting In 2016 Vs Me Voting In 2018’ Meme Is Way Too Relatable

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The 'Me Voting In 2016 Vs Me Voting In 2018' Meme Is Way Too Relatable

Happy Election Day! If you haven’t picked your booties up to go vote, you better be doing it soon. Twitter’s certainly got midterm fever, and they’re showing it with this meme that is the exact opposite of a glow up. It would seem that many voters have gone through quite the transformation while waiting to exercise their voting rights, and this meme really says it all. While memes can’t change the future of our government, you can. We don’t want to see what voting in 2020 will look like if anyone slacks. 


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