the did surgery on a grape is an insanely weird meme explosion

‘The Did Surgery On A Grape’ Is An Insanely Weird Meme Explosion

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'The Did Surgery On A Grape' Is An Insanely Weird Meme Explosion

If you were avoiding family at all this weekend, you’d know that there was a very curious meme phenomenon. People began meme-ing about grape surgery, leaving many of us puzzled. Grape surgery is actually a real thing. Ophthalmologists will perform techniques on the fruit when training – it’s said that the shape and texture of a grape is a good substitute for the real thing. Apparently, the process is perfect for shitposting as well. This meme exploded after a meme account shared a surgical video of a machine performing surgery on, yes, a grape. The sheer dumbness of the screencap instantly gained the attention of presumably bored memers, and things really escalated from there. 


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