27 Memes ‘N Tweets That’ll Inject Your Day With Comedy

27 Memes 'N Tweets That'll Inject Your Day With Comedy

TGIF, y’all! There’s really nothing that says “Friday” quite like a double dose of funny memes, tweets, and pictures designed to help you decompress. From savage comics about vegans to quirky and clever tweets, this gallery has everything you need to take your day from tedium to hilarity. 

30 Entertaining Nuggets Of Comedy Goodness

30 Entertaining Nuggets Of Comedy Goodness

Feeling listless or bored? Like your life is going nowhere and there’s nothing capable of helping you crack a smile? Well, we have the memes for you. From sassy and relatable tweets, to dank memes culled from the darkest corners of Reddit, these pics are sure to at least temporarily distract you from your problems. Have at ’em.

Dave Chappelle Is The Star Of Reddit’s New Favorite Dank Meme

Dave Chappelle Is The Star Of Reddit's New Favorite Dank Meme

It looks like comedian Dave Chappelle’s comeback extends to more than just his comedy. Reddit’s meme community has turned a still from a 2004 episode of his show into a meme that is strikingly similar to “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” While some redditors choose to moan about the lack of creativity, others have opted to make some actual jokes that we think you might enjoy.

PETA Rallies Against ‘Anti-Animal Language,’ Gets Royally Trolled On Twitter

PETA Rallies Against 'Anti-Animal Language,' Gets Royally Trolled On Twitter

It’s no secret that people love to hate on PETA, but today that pastime is more popular than ever. The hardcore animal rights association took to Twitter yesterday to fight against what they call “anti-animal language” – and provided a handy chart on how to substitute ancient aphorisms with more animal-friendly terminology. The chart, as you can imagine, is wholly ridiculous. 

Twitter users were quick to jump on PETA for suggestions like “Feed two birds with one scone” in lieu of “Kill two birds with one stone.” Their trolling attempts have been ridiculously entertaining. We’ve included some of our favorite tweets, but for even more fun you can peruse the thread here.