Bonus bunny meme – Spa day

Bonus bunny meme - Spa day
I cannot tell you how lucky this bunny is – Goonies has won the lottery, found the golden ticket of bunny humans… Bunny Rabbit and he (and many other rescued bunnies) share the same human. From abandoned outside to the best care anywhere. Oh, by the way, I may not have mentioned this in the last few minutes:
NEVER abandon a domestic pet bunny outside “in the wild” – they do not have the coping mechanisms of their wild cousins. This is most often a torturous death sentence from predators, parasites, dehydration and/or starvation.
Except for Goonies.

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Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day, with a backstory

Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day, with a backstory
The rabbit in this meme is one of hundreds just rescued in a confiscation (story here). Rabbit Rescues across the county are stepping in to help rehabilitate and adopt out these poor rabbits. Already at capacity, shelters expect a flood of rabbits after Easter, as the “Easter Bunny” impulse purchases are abandoned.
If you can help a rabbit rescue in any way (volunteer, foster, adopt or donate), it will be greatly appreciated and will save bunny lives.
Thank you.