Aunt Becky Is Getting Meme’d And Roasted For Bribing Her Spoiled Daughter’s Way Into College

Aunt Becky Is Getting Meme'd And Roasted For Bribing Her Spoiled Daughter's Way Into College

Are y’all ready for a mess of a news story? Lori Loughlin, AKA Aunt Becky from Full House, was taken into custody this morning for participating in a huge college admissions sting to get her completely unqualified daughter admitted into the University of Southern California. Several other wealthy celebrities were involved, including Desperate Housewives‘ Felicity Huffman and her husband William H. Macy.

Charges so far include $25 million in bribes to university authorities and fabrication of credentials to be admitted into some of the top universities in the nation.

Some have pointed out that Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, would never have been admitted to USC on her own academic merit. Giannulli, a prominent beauty YouTuber, even admitted in a video back in August that she plans to focus more on college parties than her classes.

Under the monikers #FreeAuntBecky and #CollegeAdmissionScandal, many memers and Twitter users have expressed their frustration at the situation, pointing out that regular people have to get admitted to universities on actual academic merit and not absurdly rich parents.

All The Best Memes & Reactions To Last Night’s Epic Fence Jumpin’ ‘Bachelor’ (SPOILERS)

All The Best Memes & Reactions To Last Night's Epic Fence Jumpin' 'Bachelor' (SPOILERS)

The moment that all fans of ‘The Bachelor’ have been waiting for finally happened last night – the fence jumping moment that has been teased since episode 1. While we still have a two-night finale to look forward to, a whole lotta drama happened (and we can expect more during tonight’s edition of Women Tell All). 

First, Tayshia and Colton shared a romantic helicopter ride to a dreamy cliffside castle, where the pair made a lot of virginity jokes. Despite a lot of ogling and even a nip slip, Colton and Tayshia opted against a night of Fantasy Suite deflowering. Tayshia seemed a bit disappointed, but in the end was just grateful to get to know Underwood a little better. 

Next up was Cassie’s date. The two seemed to be getting along brilliantly, sharing steamy kisses on idyllic Portugal streets, and goofing off in souvenir shops. The fun stuff finally gave way when Colton revealed that Cassie’s father had not given the stud his blessing. Colton was hopeful that the duo could move past a moment that clearly shook Cassie to her core, but matters got worse when Daddy Randplph himself showed up to persuade his daughter to cut things off with the former NFL player. The evening culminated in an agonizing stretch of Colton and Cassie going back and forth, and Colton inexplicably announcing that she’s the one he wants to end up with. Cassie eventually decided to dip, which led to the much-awaited fence-jumping. For a moment that everyone has been waiting for, it sure seemed anticlimactic. 

As can be expected, fans on Twitter went absolutely wild tweeting reactions, gifs, and even some well-crafted memes in response. Here are some of our favorites.