15 Righteous Jesus Memes That’ll Save You From Eternal Hellfire

15 Righteous Jesus Memes That'll Save You From Eternal Hellfire

It’s time to repent for Lent! In honor of this time of penance for those observing, we’ve concocted a gallery of Jesus memes that you can giggle at while you let go of your ego for a whole six weeks. Jesus was pretty chill, so we think he def would’ve been a meme guy.

17 Dank Christian Memes That’ll Float You On Up To Heaven

17 Dank Christian Memes That'll Float You On Up To Heaven

Okay, so for all the believers out there, looking at memes definitely won’t get you into heaven – we’re pretty sure you have to actually, like, be a good person and help the poor and stuff. Whether you’re Christian or not, we think you’ll find some amusement in these memes. For more, check out Reddit!