‘Avengers Level Threat’ Memes Mock Huge Responses To Nonexistant Threats

'Avengers Level Threat' Memes Mock Huge Responses To Nonexistant Threats

The latest Marvel meme to hit each screens is ripped from Spider-Man: Far From Quarters and attributes the handsome mug of Paul Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. The character appears wide-eyed and is uttering the line “Now this is an Avengers level threat. ” Together can imagine, the meme is used to describe situations that are the opposite of riportare, like, say, the existence of sand ınside the mind of Anakin Skywalker. Or sometimes an “armed” man with no legs and no small hands. The meme is simple, but it’s still inspiring a certain light chuckles.  

Ardore Dunham Awkwardly Tried To Kiss Lady gaga On The Lips In A Fail To Epic Proportions

Ardore Dunham Awkwardly Tried To Kiss Lady gaga On The Lips In A Fail To Epic Proportions

Lena Dunham had a lot of nerve when this attempted to kiss Lady gaga on the lips not having his consent at the premier akin to Once Upon a Time in Super star , which they both star doing.  

Beside the you could get the move was just directly awkward and cringey AF , people from the net have been accusing Dunham of realizing that assault, claiming that if the tasks were reversed, she and the ex fans would be up in arms regarding it, labeling it a “Me Too” situation.

Dunham without a doubt didn’t have the best reputation because of the internet as is, but this no stunt she pulled has really gone the icing on the cake !

‘Steve Rogers Pulling A Stump Apart’ Proves That The Avengers Memes Can not ever Die

'Steve Rogers Pulling A Stump Apart' Proves That The Avengers Memes Can not ever Die

Are you sick of Avengers memes ? Well too bad, because they’re still here which don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The moment it’s Albert Rogers , AKA Captain U . s, pulling apart a stump inside a scene from Avengers : Age of Ultron .  

Even if you’re not an Avengers fanático, please enjoy these dank memes that feature our boy Chris Evans’ big strong muscles.

24 Tasty Meme Treats For Your Degrading Brains

24 Tasty Meme Treats For Your Degrading Brains

Remember when you’r mom and dad said that television was warping your brain? They had no idea how inferior this sh*t would get. Our heads are practically useless thanks to on the mindless scrolling we’ve been doing. Wish not going to get these brain cells back so we may as well carry out at this pointless internet consumption. Wedding and reception memes to get ya started. 

Tumblr User Shares Brilliant Theory At Why Violet Should’ve Won Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Tumblr User Shares Brilliant Theory At Why Violet Should've Won Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Until now, the most popular hot button theory about Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory   also has been that Grandpa Joe is the true villain of the film and the Roald Dahl book it’s based on. This in turn Tumblr thread from user evayna changes all of that. In the film, all of the impoverished Charlie ends up winning of the f*cked up competition, thus getting Wonka’s fortune and position like world’s most deranged and masochistic candy maker. Evayna believes that this honor should have been bestowed up to the gum-chewing Violet Beauregard, and communicate got some solid evidence which can back this theory up. Were 100% sold.  

‘Years Of Academy Training Wasted’ Often is the Newest ‘Toy Story’ Meme That can be purchased

'Years Of Academy Training Wasted' Often is the Newest 'Toy Story' Meme That can be purchased

Have we mentioned the we love Toy vehicle Story ? So much so that every point in time we see a new Toy Story-themed meme we just gotta share this tool with y’all. This dank meme comes from the scene in Toy Story 1 where Buzz first reveals that he’s a toy, and also the last several years has gained popularity !

The New ‘Cats’ Trailer Is Giving Memers Some Cringey ‘Sonic’ Vibes

The New 'Cats' Trailer Is Giving Memers Some Cringey 'Sonic' Vibes

First we were “graced” by the trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, and now we get…Cats with a fully star-studded cast. You can watch the official trailer for it here if you dare. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand where the myriads of mocking memes are coming from. 

If you’re familiar with the original Cats production from 1981 then you’ll know of the level of campiness it offered. But if we’re being honest here, it’s 2019 and we think the effects could’ve been a little bit better for crying out loud! 

Leonardo DiCaprio Has ‘No Comment’ On Whether Jack Could’ve Fit On That Stupid Board In ‘Titanic’

Leonardo DiCaprio Has 'No Comment' On Whether Jack Could've Fit On That Stupid Board In 'Titanic'

Oh boy, it’s been over 20 years and the infamous “would Jack have fit on that board at the end of Titanic” debate is making its rounds on the internet once again! 

During an MTV News interview with the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked if he thought that Jack could’ve indeed fit on the board at the end of the movie, to which he simply replied “no comment.” (But come on, we all know what that means.)

Director James Cameron claims the reason Jack didn’t get on the board with Rose was because of buoyancy, and not the issue of having enough room. Honestly, we’re calling BS here – why didn’t they both get on the damn thing and test it out first!?

Anyway, before we get too heated over this age-old debate, please enjoy some memes and reaction tweets!

Hilarious Alternate Version Of ‘Mulan’ Re-Imagines Captain Li Shang As A Gay Man

Hilarious Alternate Version Of 'Mulan' Re-Imagines Captain Li Shang As A Gay Man

We’re all familiar with the story of Mulan from the classic ’90s Disney movie, but what you probably didn’t know is the lesser-known tale of Captain Li Shang questioning his sexuality. Being the ’90s and all, people weren’t as comfortable talking about different sexual orientations as we are now, but the story is finally coming out of the closet! (sorry.)

All jokes aside, please enjoy this hilarious retold version of Mulan!

‘Those Are Rookie Numbers’ Memes Might Encourage You To Make Bad Decisions

'Those Are Rookie Numbers' Memes Might Encourage You To Make Bad Decisions

Those Are Rookie Numbers” is a meme featuring a crazy-eyed Matthew McConaughey in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. The particular scene involves McConaughey’s character Mark Hanna asking Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort how many times per week he masturbates, afterward stating that he needs to up those numbers. Let the meme-ing commence!

30 Fresh Avengers Memes That’ll Scratch Your MCU Itch

30 Fresh Avengers Memes That'll Scratch Your MCU Itch

Marvel Studios recently announced plans to re-release Avengers: Endgame with new footage, as soon as next weekend. While none of the new footage seems to be dramatic (it’s all after the credits) fans are still getting psyched – as is pretty clear from the continued influx of Avengers memes. Here are some of the fresher one’s we’ve found this week!

‘Cast It Into The Fire’ Is A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Meme Full Of Dank Defiance

'Cast It Into The Fire' Is A 'Lord Of The Rings' Meme Full Of Dank Defiance

Lord of the Rings memes aren’t hard to come by. Fans of the movies and the books have made it clear that they’re talented meme-makers, and this trending format, from The Fellowship of the Ring, proves that the LOTR meme possibilities are pretty much endless. This particular meme features the characters Elrond (Hugo Weaving) and Isildur (Harry Sinclair) standing above a fiery volcano. Elrond pleads with the mortal Isildur to cast the evil ring into the lava below. He refuses. Similar refusals are being featured in the trending meme, mostly to hilarious and relatable results.

15 Excellent Keanu Reeves Memes To Get You Frickin’ Stoked For ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

15 Excellent Keanu Reeves Memes To Get You Frickin' Stoked For 'Cyberpunk 2077'

The trailer for the new game Cyberpunk 2077 was just released yesterday at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 press conference and people (memers and normies alike) are getting AMPED about how dashing and badass Keanu Reeves looks in it. The role-playing game, in which the John Wick actor portrays character Johnny Silverhand, is set to be released in 2020. Click here to watch a video of him presenting the game.

And so we present to you 15 Keanu Reeves memes to pump you up for both the game, and let’s be real, the general existence of the man himself. Go check out this gallery of John Wick memes in case you feel like you need even more Keanu in your life! <3

30 Savage Comebacks In Disney Movies That Prove The Writers Have A Clever Sense Of Humor

30 Savage Comebacks In Disney Movies That Prove The Writers Have A Clever Sense Of Humor

Disney has a reputation for being chock-full of wholesome content, which makes sense, given that the company is an American staple of children’s media in America. However, being branded as “clean” doesn’t mean the writers can’t have a little fun with their jokes. In fact, we think it’s even more impressive when the jokes are still funny to us adults without using any vulgar content. 

Here are some of Disney’s most iconic examples of insults and comebacks!

17 John Wick Memes That’ll Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Bad Guys

17 John Wick Memes That'll Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Bad Guys

Everyone’s favorite protector of animals and destroyer of bad guys is getting a whole lot of meme attention following insane box office numbers last weekend. John Wick 3 nudged Avengers: Endgame from the top of the box office, and lovers of Keanu Reeves, dogs, and actions movies have been showing their appreciation in meme form – mostly on the r/dankmemes subreddit. To pay homage to the defender of canines, we’ve put together an assortment of John Wick memes, new and old, to satisfy you until John Wick 4 comes out. 

‘This Shot Is Brilliant’ Has Evolved From Corny Game Of Thrones Tweet To Full-Fledged Meme

'This Shot Is Brilliant' Has Evolved From Corny Game Of Thrones Tweet To Full-Fledged Meme

Twitter certainly had a lot to say about the series finale of Game Of Thrones – but there’s one tweet that seems to have made a huge impression on the social media site. Jonathan Hill of Santa Clarita tweeted a video of Drogon behind Daenerys making it appear that she has the wings of a dragon. The text reads: “This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film study class #GameofThrones.” Hill’s tweet was immediately mocked by film nerds, and it ended up morphing into a very entertaining copypasta. Twitter users began subbing the shot of Daenerys Targaryen with shots from cult classics and arguably inane works of film. It’s an incredibly versatile meme, and a whole lot of fun.

29 Spider-Man Memes & Moments That’ll Make Your Spidey-Senses Tingle

29 Spider-Man Memes & Moments That'll Make Your Spidey-Senses Tingle

In honor of today’s release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, let’s give the adorable Peter Parker some love in the midst of the Avengers: Endgame craze. We’ll call these memes “light spoilers” because they don’t give away too much, but honestly at this point, who hasn’t seen Endgame?  Side note: absolutely DO NOT watch the new Spider-Man trailer if you don’t want Endgame spoilers!

And always remember: with great power comes great responsibility. 

RIP Uncle Ben.