‘That Was Patricia’ Memes Are For Anyone Who Needs A Scapegoat

'That Was Patricia' Memes Are For Anyone Who Needs A Scapegoat

We all have behaviors that we’re not proud of. Some of us send drunk texts, others eat our daily allotment of calories in ten minutes. We all want someone to blame. Fortunately, thanks to 2016’s Split, there’s a perfect meme for dodging responsibility. In the film, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, James McAvoy plays Kevin, a man with 23 personalities. One of them is named Patricia. The rest is pretty easy to figure out. 

25 Random Memes That Won’t Affect Your Life Whatsoever

25 Random Memes That Won't Affect Your Life Whatsoever

Day #11,132 alive: I grow weary of the mortal trappings of my meat suit. Time is somehow speeding and dragging simultaneously. How curious. The multitude of my existence is spent thanklessly toiling at a desk. What do I have to show for this life? Absolutely nothing. Might as well peruse these dank and dumb memes.