Airline’s ‘Backless Seats’ Controversy Is Stirring Up Some Golden Twitter Reproduction

Airline's 'Backless Seats' Controversy Is Stirring Up Some Golden Twitter Reproduction

When Twitter user Matthew Harris tweeted a sketchy photo of woman sitting in a backless saddle on an airplane, it sparked one barrage of parodies and roasts .

The airline, EasyJet , was quick to reply to us on Twitter, asking Harris in order to consider down the photo so that they could “best assist” his complaints.   Guests on Twitter, however , weren’t increasing in value for the budget British airline’s BALONEY, and began creating parodies at the tweet.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately , depending on your own personal opinion), it’s been reported that these backless seats were actually inoperable for the flight and passengers were not allowed to use them.  

Nevertheless , we’ve gotta wonder why EasyJet was so quick to get preventive in the Twitter thread. Very suspect indeed…

Dude’s Low-Budget ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cosplay Is Straight Genius

Dude's Low-Budget 'Game Of Thrones' Cosplay Is Straight Genius

Listen, we’re all still reeling from the season 8 finale of Game of Thrones here, so here’s something a little more lighthearted for you that we hope you’ll appreciate: this dude, who runs the Instagram account “Lowcost Cosplay,” dresses up as different characters in pop culture on a budget. 

You can check out more of his work here – we have to say, he’s definitely onto something.