storm area 51 is the internets brainiest new idea

‘Storm Area 51’ Is The Internet’s ‘Brainiest’ New Idea

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'Storm Area 51' Is The Internet's 'Brainiest' New Idea

Many of us Americans grew up hearing stories and legends about Area 51, a United States Air Force facility in Nevada that’s long been rumored to be the home of extraterrestrial research conducted by the government.

Some people on Facebook apparently decided that it was time to find out what exactly they’re doing in there once and for all. Aptly named “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” the Facebook group has dedicated the hours of 3am through 6am on Friday, September 20th during which attendees will break into the facility to “see them aliens.”

How will they dodge security, you ask? By Naruto-running faster than any incoming bullets. Easy.

No one is totally sure whether the people involved in this are serious about doing this, but regardless, memers have been taking the opportunity to roast the crap out of the situation.

Look, out of good conscience we can’t really recommend that you attend this, but we also can’t stop you so what the hell. Honestly, there are way too many memes for us to share them all with you, so enjoy the following and check out the official event Facebook for tons more!


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