sex was invented memes are roasting toasting a cringey religion based tweet

‘Sex Was Invented’ Memes Are Roasting & Toasting A Cringey Religion-based Tweet

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'Sex Was Invented' Memes Are Roasting & Toasting A Cringey Religion-based Tweet

If you’ve noticed that those on Tweet debating the generation of sex, you’d best hope there’s nothing scientific about their hypotheses. Prior this week,   @livingforjc tweeted that “Sex was created by God, for marriage relationship, between a husband and wife. Not for some boyfriend and girlfriend that are dating”. The musing from this obviously alfredia account quickly became fodder for the new favorite Twitter meme. Individuals been riffing on the purity-driven twitter update by claiming that sex was first invented by their favorite musicians (One Direction is tremendous present in this meme), or, say, by the extremely naughty God Zeus. Most of these tweets act as gold, but we’ve put together the entire cream of the crop for you to sift through.  


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