rain rain go away has officially and inexplicably become a dank meme

‘Rain, Rain, Go Away’ Has Officially And Inexplicably Become A Dank Meme

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'Rain, Rain, Go Away' Has Officially And Inexplicably Become A Dank Meme

The world found more proof this week that anything, and we mean anything, that exists can be meme’d. In late 2018, a few memes started popping up riffing on the old English nursery rhyme “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” In the last month, the memes have surged in popularity, with many viral iterations being shared in the r/dankmemes community. The memes, for English-speakers, are nearly hyper-relatable, which explains their popularity. Like most dank memes, this one’s longevity is probably limited. We’re just counting the days until we see “I’m a Little Teapot” memes or “Jack and Jill” memes. The possibilities might be fleeting, but there are so many to work with.


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