leonardo dicaprio has no comment on whether jack couldve fit on that stupid board in titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio Has ‘No Comment’ On Whether Jack Could’ve Fit On That Stupid Board In ‘Titanic’

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Leonardo DiCaprio Has 'No Comment' On Whether Jack Could've Fit On That Stupid Board In 'Titanic'

Oh boy, it’s been over 20 years and the infamous “would Jack have fit on that board at the end of Titanic” debate is making its rounds on the internet once again! 

During an MTV News interview with the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked if he thought that Jack could’ve indeed fit on the board at the end of the movie, to which he simply replied “no comment.” (But come on, we all know what that means.)

Director James Cameron claims the reason Jack didn’t get on the board with Rose was because of buoyancy, and not the issue of having enough room. Honestly, we’re calling BS here – why didn’t they both get on the damn thing and test it out first!?

Anyway, before we get too heated over this age-old debate, please enjoy some memes and reaction tweets!


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