italians mad at food is hilarious food snobbery at its finest

‘Italians Mad At Food’ Is Hilarious Food Snobbery At Its Finest

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'Italians Mad At Food' Is Hilarious Food Snobbery At Its Finest

The U.S. is pretty well known for its bastardization of other cuisines. We gobble down crab rangoon, California rolls and rainbow bagels with sheer delight. The debate over whether or not pineapples belong on pizza exists solely because some demented genius decided to place the fruit on a classic Italian dish. We see the backlash all over social media. so it should come as no surprise that there’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to the infuriated Italians eager to reject these crimes against their cuisine. 

Italians Mad At Food is basically an aggregator of enraged Italian commenters bemoaning the culinary abilities of anyone who, well, isn’t Italian. The comments are hilarious, lofty, and oftentimes hard to decipher – which arguably makes them even funnier. While we do believe an apology is in order for Olive Garden and Chef Boyardee, the existence of this Twitter account and its heated comments has left us grateful for our criminal takes on Italian cuisine.


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