get ready to storm the bermuda triangle because apparently people are already over area 51

Get Ready To ‘Storm The Bermuda Triangle,’ Because Apparently People Are Already Over ‘Area 51’

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Get Ready To 'Storm The Bermuda Triangle,' Because Apparently People Are Already Over 'Area 51'

Alright, well, here we go again. The internet has apparently moved past the Area 51 craze and onto the next thing: storming the Bermuda Triangle – one of nature’s greatest mysteries and the source of countless conspiracy theories and ship and airplane disappearances. 

There’s even been a Facebook group dedicated to the event, set to happen on August 30th of this year. The plan is still being worked out, so be sure to check back on the Facebook group soon. We just hope people can get their sh*t together in time…

We’re a little sad that people are moving on from storming Area 51, but we’re holding out hope that someone will actually follow through with storming the Bermuda Triangle because tbh we can’t wait to see the resulting memes. 


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