It Seems Like More Than One Housemate Had Reason To Want Ryan Dead

It Seems Like More Than One Housemate Had Reason To Want Ryan Dead

There’s a murderer inside The Coop Mansion, and it could be anybody.

Last episode we got to see how the members of the house coped with the horrible and mysterious murder of Ryan, (which, considering he was the hottest contestant on this season of The Coop, was the most tragic loss imaginable for everyone) and we learned many interesting bits of information… namely, the shocking revelation regarding Ryan’s family tree.

Now that everyone’s had some time to process his death, episode 3 opens by giving you, the viewer, the choice to decide which of the two In Memoriam videos produced by different house members —both touching, moving, and slightly disturbing in their own way— the rest of The Coop will watch together, and ultimately have seared into their brains for all time. After that, the recommendation for a self-defense class held by Derrick divides the house, and you’ll have to decide where your intuition takes you.

What will episode 3 add to your investigation? Get started and find out, leave no stone unturned!

Episode 3 — In Memoriam

Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This

In these days of isolation and social distancing it’s hard to find ways to keep yourself entertained. The sad reality is that eventually we’re all going to reach the end of Netflix, and one can only rearrange one’s spice cabinet so many times. However, some people out there have started to get pretty creative in how they have fun and stay sane with the strict limitations we’re currently faced with.

Communities of Australians and New Zealanders realized pretty quickly that the only real outside time they’re guaranteed is when it’s time to take out the trash. It’s definitely not the most exciting or glamorous of activities, but hey, at least it’s something.

So, to really make the most of those precious outdoor moments to and from the curb, they’ve started dressing up for it.

And luckily for everyone, there’s an entire Facebook group where everyone showcases their garbage day costumes.

After looking through some of the posts, I gotta say, I’m now convinced everyone should throw their best costumes on to take the trash out even after this pandemic is long over.

Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Rebekah Dade Duffin / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Bridget Kristy / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Pauline Harrison / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Todd Patrick / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Deborah Lamb / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Sandra Donovan / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Bob Varcoe / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Cathy Reid / Facebook Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This Courtesy of Facebook / Donna Reader

What Happens When Home Renovation Shows Meet Drug Cartels?

What Happens When Home Renovation Shows Meet Drug Cartels?

So, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is we’re steadily approaching month 2 of social distancing and being stuck inside as we continue to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. The good news is this is the perfect time to get super invested in new shows and binge-watch the everloving crap out of them. The even better news is we have just the show for the occasion.

Do you love the high-stakes intensity of crime dramas? Do you also love the equally high-stakes intensity of home renovation shows? Of course you do, who the hell doesn’t!

Have your snacks at the ready, make sure your couch cushions are thoroughly fluffed, and get ready for Flipped.

Jann (Will Forte) and Cricket Melfi (Kaitlin Olson) might not have much, but one thing they certainly do not lack is confidence. When the chance to achieve basic cable fame as television’s newest house-flipping couple comes knocking, there is no way they’re going to let it pass by. The two are more than convinced that they have what it takes to become the king and queen of home renovations. Unfortunately, a Mexican drug cartel is convinced, too, and they give Jann and Cricket a project they, uh, can’t refuserenovating the cartel’s mansions.

[embedded content]

Catch Flipped only on Quibi, with new episodes every weekday.

Happy renovating!

“The Witcher” Told As Princess Bride

“The Witcher” Told As Princess Bride

Picture this: similar to The Princess Bride – you are home sick from school. You have your own bedroom and a video game system you can play without leaving your bed. Um, can someone say BEST DAY EVER!?

Well, it WAS the best day ever, until your lame grandpa busts into your room and insists on reading to you (ew Grandpa – who even reads anymore!?). Even worse, he wants to read you a predictable rom-com “kissing story” book? About some girl named Buttercup!? EW!!

However, instead of reading you a stereotypical love story with flirty one-liners and soft kisses, Gramps pulls a 180 and starts recapping gruesome and *very* adult tales from The Witcher.

Is this cooler than a video game? Oh yeah.

Is it low key inappropriate that Grandpa is reading stories of gory medieval warfare and intense sexual situations to a child who hasn’t hit puberty yet? SURE IS!

…but are we hanging off every last word Grandpa says? YOU BET!

So cozy up and watch this mashup combine the two very opposite worlds of The Princess Bride and The Witcher. It’ll take you on an adventure that no video game ever could.


This Fan-Made ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Lip Sync Is Simply The Best

This Fan-Made ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Lip Sync Is Simply The Best

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all in need of some happy, uplifting news these days.

So with that said, Schitt’s Creek, the best series ever, is officially over.

Okay, I know that’s the complete opposite of happy, uplifting news, but bear with me — that’s just the setup. All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end. Six seasons definitely did not feel like enough, but this is exactly how Dan Levy and the rest of the Schitt’s squad envisioned this masterpiece playing out. Plus, it’s undoubtedly better for the series to end here, at the height of its greatness, than it would be for the writers to try and keep things going and end up with more seasons that just aren’t as good. (Looking at you, Community.)

The series finale airs this evening, and fans everywhere are preparing for the bittersweet goodbye. But nobody has devised a more wonderful way to say farewell to the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek than Jessica Mielke. You may remember Jessica from her previous Schitt’s-inspired work, a three-minute compilation video of David literally just saying “OH MY GOD”. If you’re not familiar, please, I beg you, go watch it now. It’s hilarious.

Her most recent project, though, is definitely going to tug at your heartstrings.

Jessica stitched together clips of dozens of fans performing their own lip sync to Tina Turner’s “The Best” à la David Rose, so that everyone could tell the people who made Schitt’s Creek possible exactly how they feel — that they are simply the best.

[embedded content]

And as if THAT wasn’t enough to get you ugly crying, Jessica and her co-creator Blou set up an entire website where people could submit testimonials to express in their own words just how much Schitt’s Creek means to them, and the profound impact the show has had on their lives.


Check out all the testimonials on their website here, and probably have a box of tissues handy.

Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo For A Senior Center And It’s Delightful

Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo For A Senior Center And It’s Delightful

Adjusting to life under the preventative measures put in place to help protect ourselves and our communities from coronavirus, like social distancing and Stay At Home orders, has been more difficult for some than it has been for others. There are plenty of extroverts out there who are bouncing off the walls and have probably started talking to their houseplants for even a crumb of socialization, and I’d imagine that many parents now on week three or four of homeschooling are counting the days by carving tallies into the kitchen wall with a butterknife.

Perhaps the most deeply impacted communities, however, are senior living centers.

Because COVID-19 poses a much greater threat to those over the age of 70 and the coronavirus is spread so easily throughout close quarters, care facilities have closed their doors to visitors, and seniors who aren’t residents of living centers are under extremely strict social distancing rules as well. Although these precautions are absolutely necessary, this sudden and severe isolation is incredibly hard.

That’s why Matthew McConaughey stepped up to do something about it.

With the help of his wife Camilla and their children, Matthew McConaughey hosted a virtual bingo night for the residents of The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living.

Since all the participants were in their own rooms using separate computers, everyone was able to play a live game and enjoy the company of their neighbors and friends while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Well alright, alright, alright!

And after the night’s activities, everyone thanked Matthew and his family with personal messages they’d written.

Max Greenfield Struggling To Homeschool His Daughter Is My New Favorite Saga

Max Greenfield Struggling To Homeschool His Daughter Is My New Favorite Saga

Terms like “social distancing” and state-implemented orders like “Stay At Home” don’t seem all that drastic at face value. Of course, we all know that the reality and the impact of social distancing and Stay At Home is completely life-altering, and even though we’re now several weeks in, some of the changes are taking longer to adapt to than others. For example, daycares and schools all over the country are closed, and some parents are now learning that teaching is really, really not as easy as it looks.

Max Greenfield is one of these parents.

With regular life on hold, the New Girl star has been homeschooling his daughter Lilly, and, luckily for all of us, he’s been chronicling the entire journey on Instagram.

If this were a televised series (which it absolutely should be) with Max in the role of Stressed Teacher Dad and Lilly as herself, it’s tough to say if it would be a comedy or a psychological thriller about one adult man’s battle with the USA sixth grade curriculum. In either case, the show’s tagline would definitely be, “Listen, he’s doing his best.”

A story in two acts, Act I: Max Tries Helping Lilly With A Book Reading

View this post on Instagram

Shit Show

A post shared by Max Greenfield (@iammaxgreenfield) on Mar 19, 2020 at 5:13pm PDT

Act II: Lilly Realizes Max Needs Help With The Book Too, Actually

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s really doing the schooling

“I need your shit like I need a hole in the head” YEEOWCH

But Max did take the time to explain the entire plot of Tiger King to Lilly so she’s definitely getting a quality education

Kyra And Randy Are In For The Biggest Changes Of Their Life

Kyra And Randy Are In For The Biggest Changes Of Their Life

This is a pretty major time for everybody.

The first day of shooting for Frog and Toad are Friends is here, and Kyra, sticking out her decision to leave Kevin, has packed her bags and gone to find solace in her new friend Emily Deschanel.

Before she left, though, she made sure to bid Randy and Kevin farewell… by tossing their only copy of the Frog and Toad script into her compost bin full of ravenous worms.

Amazingly, Kevin and Randy managed to save the script from Kyra’s horrifying worms and instructed Jeff to photocopy every paper they pulled out of the compost bin and bring it to set. Fortunately, the set looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the first day of shooting quickly becomes less than fantastic. There are some major issues right out of the gate, namely, Jeff photocopied old installation manuals and medication pamphlets that were accidentally pulled out of the compost as well, so the script is a mess.

But it’s when the time comes for Randy to do his Toad scenes that all hell really breaks loose.

He quickly goes from nervous sweating and vomiting to a full-blown nervous meltdown, and this nasty downward spiral might be what finally pushes him over the edge.

The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon is available now, only on Spotify.

‘The Coop’ Episode 2 Is Here, Who’s Your Main Suspect?

‘The Coop’ Episode 2 Is Here, Who’s Your Main Suspect?

You know how every single reality show host says “this is the most dramatic season yet”?

Well, this season of The Coop is definitely the most dramatic one yet. I mean, what’s more dramatic than finding the hunkiest member of the house dead in the pool? Not a whole lot!

In the season 39 premiere, viewers were introduced to the house members in a pretty unconventional way: by questioning them about the shocking and mysterious death of fellow housemate Ryan. Now in episode 2, you’ll get the chance to explore The Coop Mansion, listen in on some juicy conversations, hear some of the cast’s theories, investigate clues, and hopefully, uncover some incriminating evidence to help solve this murder mystery.

But who are you going to check in on? Which rooms are you going to do some sleuthing in? Well, that’s up to you!

Episode 2 — Friend or Foe

All eyes are on the housemates, but who’s got eyes on the eyes filming them?

Story Time With Samuel L. Jackson: “Stay The F*ck At Home”

Story Time With Samuel L. Jackson: “Stay The F*ck At Home”

Government officials at municipal, state, and federal levels have all been telling the public to stay home and follow social distancing guidelines for the past several weeks now. So have we, and so has your mom probably. Unfortunately, though, there are still some people out there who are throwing caution and logic and basic human decency to the wind, and continuing to do dumb shit like hang out in groups at golf courses in the middle of a goddamn pandemic.

So! It looks like we’re going to have to take a different approach to get those folks onboard with social distancing. Probably something a little more… to the point? Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson has the perfect solution.

Almost a decade ago, Sam Jackson teamed up with children’s author Adam Mansbach, narrating his classic book Go the F**k to Sleep for an audiobook as well as for YouTube. As Jackson explained during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live from earlier this week, Mansbach, inspired by recent events, wrote a follow-up to Go the F**k to Sleep about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This version of the poem carries a message that everyone benefits from, and that some people need to hear more than others.

Stay the Fuck at Home.

And, just like there’s literally no one better to tell your kids to go the fuck to sleep than Samuel L. Jackson, there is absolutely no one better to tell all these grown-ass adults who still aren’t listening to STAY. THE FUCK. AT HOME.

Here’s Samuel L. Jackson’s full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live

[embedded content]

And here’s the uncensored version of the reading, since that’s definitely what we’re all here for.

[embedded content]

Long Haired Businessmen Video Conference with Will Ferrell and Will Forte

Long Haired Businessmen Video Conference with Will Ferrell and Will Forte

Look, we’re gonna give it to you straight, this isn’t business as usual.

However, just because these are unprecedented times, just because we’re in the throes of a global pandemic, that doesn’t mean you and your esteemed business colleagues can’t still get down to brass tacks. Sure, corporate HQ is closed and you’re pretty sure you just saw a tumbleweed roll down the street from your apartment window, but you know what’s not closed? Your home office. That’s right, baby! And somebody’s gotta make sure all the ducks are in a row and synergized.

Take it from these stunning professionals, the long haired businessmen.

These maned men of upper management, these exemplary templars of commerce, have really hit the ground running and taken to Zoom for all their meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. Inter-company facetime is so essential to make sure everyone’s on the same page, same paragraph, and it’s really helped them continue to think big picture. (And see small picture if they’re on gallery mode). The long haired businessmen know what’s important during an international health crisis like this, which is washing your hands, adhering to social distancing, reciting the company’s core values, and FiOS. Obviously. Love FiOS.

For more Long Haired Businessmen, click here.


Actor Will Ferrell
Actor Will Forte

Actor, Created by George Kareman
Actor, Created by Pat O’Brien
Actor, Created by Ben Wietmarschen

Post Producer Phil Loeb
Post Supervisor Cody Pereira
Editor Paul Smith
Graphics and Design Bryan Wieder

The Time Zack Morris Dated Slater’s Kid Sister

The Time Zack Morris Dated Slater’s Kid Sister

Zack Morris says the 1950’s were awesome, yeah for guys who looked like Zack, so they’re celebrating the problematic era with a sock hop at The Max.

Then does this shit. (“We’ll have a burger and a plate of fries”) Kill me now. Zack plans to torture sock hop attendees with his vocal terrorism.

Slater’s kid sister JB is back after a year abroad. Zack hasn’t seen her in a while. Let’s keep it that way.

Zack’s annoyed Belding wants to use his garbage throne for its intended purpose. Then drops his jaw like a Looney Toon upon viewing a woman.

Zack’s detailing how he’d fail to give her an orgasm when he gets distracted. (I see a chick that’s even hotter.) Slater’s sister, JB.

Zack, CEO of Wouldn’t Know What To Do With It If I Got The Chance Industries, gives a limp hug. Slater invites JB to wrestling practice. Zack insists on joining, despite having never gone before. (I’ve been a very bad friend.) I’m sure he’s about to turn that streak around.

Zack uses this time to ascertain JB’s single and drool. Slater wants to show JB his athletic progress! Zack says scram. Then whisks her away for a romantic burger, causing Slater emotional and physical pain.

Lisa wonders how Slater will handle Zack dating JB. Zack hasn’t wondered that once. He tells Slater he’s taking JB out without checking how this might make him feel. Slater feigns a smile but is understandably disturbed by this development.

Zack invites JB to the movies. Because she doesn’t know better, she accepts. Slater, desperate to stop this disaster, invites Tori to double date! And good he did. Zack got handsy with JB in the backseat, forcing Slater to swerve erratically to prevent a grope fest.

Zack resumes pawing his victim. Slater has to fake choking to keep his sister from getting violated during The Mighty Ducks.

Zack vows to take JB out again, sans Slater, and drag her to the sock hop for his acapella abomination. Slater suggests Zack will get bored of her like all the other girls, a truth Zack denies because he’s a liar.

Belding, fresh off a male sensitivity seminar, wants the boys to get in touch with their inner feelings while he wears a bear. Fine.

Zack grabs the talking stick to say this chews nut. Slater opens up about being betrayed. By a friend he trusted. Whoosh over Zack’s dull noggin. (Gee Slater who you talking about?, You you slimenball!) What he said.

Zack still takes JB to make out point. But Slater is in his head, thank god, preventing Zack from destroying JB’s life two fingers at a time. Zack says he’s finally concerned with Slater’s feelings now that they’re obstructing his roadside erection. The date is over. JB’s lucky day.

JB, with no clue of Zack’s horrific womanizing history, says Slater ruined everything with his well-placed concern.

Zack’s wearing his most solemn jacket and treating JB like she doesn’t exist. Slater apologizes for interfering. JB has to make her own mistakes. Colossal as they may be. And he has to take Zack’s word that she’s special.

Zack kisses the girl he’s been ignoring then does this. (2 seconds of music) He couldn’t get the choreography timing down? Amateur hour. Despite Zacks’s assurances JB isn’t like all the other girls, she certainly is. Because we never see her ever again. She got dumped by a tone def rhythmless skeez rag and probably fucking killed herself.

Let’s review.

Zack Morris, known sex criminal, set his lustful sights on his friend’s kid sister with no regard for Slater’s feelings. Then invited her to an enchanting evening of getting felt up next to her brother in a crowded theater. Then didn’t let Slater’s objections stop him until they blocked his blonde boner. Then he said he really liked her, when he really didn’t. He kicked her to the curb after he got what he wanted and never spoke of her again. Zack Morris is trash.

Check out Funny Or Die’s official line of Zack Morris Is Trash merch here:

Check out Saved by the Bell on NBC: and official Saved by the Bell merch:

Actor/ Writer/ Editor Dashiell Driscoll

Intro Singer Jason Flowers

Post Supervisor Cody Pereira

Woman Accidentally Turns Herself Into A Potato During A Company Video Call

There have been many significant changes to regular life that we’ve all had to adjust to in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Things like getting ready to go grocery shopping by throwing on a DIY hazmat suit made out of garbage bags and duct tape, sanitizing every single card in our wallets multiple times a day, and conducting all work related business through e-meetings. While there’s no denying that video conference apps like Google Meet and Zoom are incredibly convenient and are now a huge part of many people’s work life, there’s also no denying that having to stare at your own dumb face on your laptop screen for 20 minutes to an hour kind of fucking blows. There are few things as humbling, sometimes deeply upsetting, as seeing the way you look in your shitty kitchen lighting, through the lens of a high-def Macbook webcam.

That right there is enough to ruin anyone’s day, but if you’re not careful, video conferences can go really, really wrong. Last week I saw a story about someone who took their laptop to the bathroom so they could listen in on a meeting, thought they disabled their camera but didn’t, and ended up pooping in front of all their coworkers. Fucking nightmarish. I would straight up flee the country. I’d change my name, move to the top of a mountain in Moldova, and no one would ever hear from me again.

On the other hand, sometimes happy accidents can make video conferencing go really, really right.

The political director at People for the American Way, Lizet Ocampo, started her week with a morning staff meeting. It was all business as usual, except Lizet had just installed a bunch of camera filters that connect with the video conferencing app her team uses — and totally forgot.

And then one of the filters activated.

And she couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.

So she spent the entire meeting as a potato.

Computer, enhance

Woman Accidentally Turns Herself Into A Potato During A Company Video Call

Lizet took it like a champ, dubbing herself the Potato Boss. First of all, that kicks ass. Secondly, I think potato filters should be mandatory for all meetings from now on.

People Are Recreating Famous Artworks With Whatever They Have And It’s AMAZING

People Are Recreating Famous Artworks With Whatever They Have And It’s AMAZING

Week 3 of quarantine and I’m not sure what circle of hell this is but it’s definitely one of them. Everyone’s top priorities right now are 1. Not getting coronavirus, 2. Scouring the earth for a single roll of toilet paper, and 3. Not going completely insane. Honestly, which of those three things will end up being my undoing is a toss up at this point. It’s anyone’s game. This is the fourteenth article I’ve written about being in quarantine which means this is the fourteenth time I’ve had to figure out a new way to write about being in quarantine, so it’s safe to say I’m pretty close to a psychological break of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” proportions.


People have gone to pretty impressive lengths to stay entertained and in good spirits while essentially being on house arrest, and so have some major institutions. The Getty in Los Angeles, like all museums across the country, is closed to the public for the time being. So, since nobody’s allowed to walk the grounds and marvel at the works of art throughout it, the Getty Museum posed an unconventional challenge to the public.

Recreate famous pieces of art using whatever they can find in their home.

And the results were GLORIOUS.



Space Jam is animation film about Mike Jorjan playing sporks on the moon with bigs bunky. Come on and slamp and welcome to the jamp, here’s your chance, do your dance at the Spice Jamp. Alllllllriiiiiiight.

Little boy Markel Jordan is shooting hooples in the backyard and dreaming of the future. He wants to play in NBA and then become crying meme. In the future he plays baseball as a secret punishment for gambling. Stop gampling, Michael! He is bad because there is no dunking in baseball. Oh fuck, and now Newman fell into the dugout. Michael decides to switch to gulf because Newman annoys all the shits out of him. Fukkuk Newmans.

Meanwhile in space, green Danny Devittle runs a themed park but it sucks so he wants to enslave the Looner Toons. His alien friends go to the center of the Earth where the cartoons live. Bugs and Duckman challenge the aliens to basketball so the aliens decide to get good at basketball.

The aliens use magic purple slime to steal the powers of Charlie Barkloz and Paltrow Yoowink. Now the basketboys play like dumbasses and the aliens become big, buff and so hot as hell i want to play with THEIR balls if you know what I mean. I mean their red, blue and green testicles.

Michael is doing golfing with Ghostbuster Bill and Lawry’s Bird. When Markelle reaches inside a holr, he disappears down the intestines and colon of the earth, out a butthole and into the land of cartoons. He is follows them to a dirtyass gym. The cartoons spit on the floor for seven hours and I wanted to vomit.

The hot colorful Frankensteins on steroids show up so now I’m covered in vomit but also very horneed. They turn Michael into a lil ball and do what they want with him. Do it to me, daddies please. I fanned myself off as Michaelangelo decides to play on a team with the cartoonies. Uh oh they are worse than the Knickerbockers so Michael is sad.

Suddenly, A female bunny with two gazongas says, let me on your team you bitches. All the males become full of sexual energy, Tweety lets out a tootie because he has never seen a girl do boxtellball. They are all drooling and they get cartoon boners. It’s very depressing and desperate.

Now the team is ready to play. The stadium is at full capacity, folks, the crowd is cheering folks. The tune squad is here: bucket bunney, gazonga bunny, stuttering ham, aggressive duck that spits, almond fudge, rooster boy, tootie, the beaver that spins and of course Miguelito Jordan

The opposite team is intimidating. They are colorful Frankensteins on steroids and they are dominating the game. It is not fair, they are bigger and the tunes are not focused because they gentle souls with low self esteem.

Other team gets violent and starts to beat up the nicies boys. Not playing fair. No NO nO no. The coyote gets chopped up into bits. Cat decapitated. Elmer is in a straitjacket. Grandma’s body is broken. Tweety in an iron lung. Holy shit. What the fuck. God dammit. What now Miguel, saviour to the tunes? He says Newman is the solution. Wow, great idea. Newman. Newman gets round ball inside saggy hoop. Also Billy Murray, respected actor. Billy only does one pass. more like sucky murray. Jordan’s arm becomes long and deformed. He Scores final point. We got ourselves a winning team.

Ok Daddy Michael must return to earth. Sad. He must attend a Baseball game which is a different sport. He lands in a spaceship and there is a song playing about believing you can fly. Oh Oh, problematic.

The movie ends with a regular basketball game, everything is normal except a song by a man called seal is playing.

Writer: Tamara Yajia

Writer: Ben Rosen

Editing/GFX: Paul Smith

This Adele Parody About Being Stuck Inside Is So Cathartic

This Adele Parody About Being Stuck Inside Is So Cathartic

People all across this nation are continuing to adhere to social distancing rules outlined by the CDC, as well as orders implemented at a state or regional level like Safer At Home, and I think it’s fair to assume that some all of us are beginning to go a little bit completely insane. Even the introverts among us (like me) are starting to get that cabin fever itch, and if we’re not careful, if we start to lose our grip even a tiny bit, who knows where that psychological spiral leads.

Try not to think about it too hard. It’s a dark, dark place.

I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of methods folks are using to keep themselves sane. Yoga, painting, picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, binge-watching every single show ever made, weird stress-cleaning like aggressively scrubbing all the baseboards in the apartment, that kind of normal stuff. And all of that is great!

But… have you tried expressing your feelings through song?!

Singer-songwriter and former contestant of The Voice, Chris Mann, has used his talents for the greater good and created a parody of Adele’s “Hello” that is just as, if not more, gripping and emotional as the original. In “Hello (From The Inside)” Chris turns everyone’s new “corona life” reality into words, like how we all could definitely use a shower and a goddamn BURGER WITH CHEEEEEEEESE.

[embedded content]

This Driver Announces Her Divorce In Rush Hour

This Driver Announces Her Divorce In Rush Hour

Marriage is hard, but rush hour traffic is harder.

In relationships, there is compromise (and if there isn’t – y’all can just break up!). However, rush hour traffic loves no one: no matter how carefully you plan your route to ensure you won’t be late, rush hour traffic will selfishly cause unprecedented slowdowns and senseless lane closures that will make you so late for work that that your co-workers will start to think you’re a careless asshole when really: it was traffic’s fault! It’s always traffic’s fault!

Though traffic will always break your heart (and make you late for anything important), Alex Greer found a couple that will restore your faith in humanity: Laura (and her “colleague” Timo).

Hey, Internet, meet Laura, custodial manager and soon-to-be divorcee:

The most important things to know about Laura:

  1. She loves parrots more that her significant other because birds are “cleaner”
  2. She owns a Now That’s What I Call Shrek CD
  3. She has a boyfriend with *very* sexy biceps
  4. She carries both tarot cards and bible bookmarks in her glovebox and does not fear religiously-fueled spontaneous combustion

The Traffic Show on Funny Or Die

Starring Alex Greer, who along with his GoPros, an iPhone and hand-held mic, jumps in your car to bring some revelry to your rush hour commute. Bedecked in suit and tie — and a surprising willingness to put himself in harm’s way — the host of Funny Or Die’s The Traffic Show helps turn the 5:00 mess that rush hour gridlock into a talk show studio to make you laugh.

Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders

Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

Follow THE TRAFFIC SHOW on Social:

Jack Black Has TikTok Now And Honestly, Thank God

Jack Black Has TikTok Now And Honestly, Thank God

Some of us are in week two of quarantine, some of us are in week three, but it’s impossible to tell in any case because it’s all blurring together. What day is it? Muesday, March 98th? That sounds about right. Not only do we all need some kind of entertainment to keep our spirits up, we need it to stay sane.

So, on that note,

Jack Black made a TikTok account.

If there is one thing I didn’t know I needed but I absolutely needed during this severely bleak time in history, it’s Jack Black dancing to pop music in cowboy boots and not much else. This does two things: breathes life back into me, and also affirm that throughout all this chaos, Jack Black is still doing okay, and I am immensely grateful for both.

Enjoy, retweet, sign up for TikTok purely for Jack Black.

John Krasinski Sharing Good News Is Exactly What We All Need

John Krasinski Sharing Good News Is Exactly What We All Need

I think we can all agree that right now, everyone could use two things. First, more toilet paper. Second, more good news. That’s why Jack Ryan and A Quiet Place star John Krasinski has taken it upon himself to start a new show while social distancing, Some Good News. Fuelled by submissions gathered from his Twitter account using the hashtag #SomeGoodNews, this show does exactly what the name implies, and shares some good news with everyone watching.

He’s got the camera changes and editing down perfectly. Watch out, late night.

Like any great news programming, John isn’t the only one on Some Good News, he’s got a great guy in the field as the Entertainment Correspondent — none other than his The Office co-star, Steve Carell.

Together, those two unpack some truly wholesome things going on in the world today, reminisce about their time together on The Office, and try really, really hard not to break on camera.

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How Does The Story Of Kevin And Randy End?!

How Does The Story Of Kevin And Randy End?!

This is it, folks.

Kyra, after her arduous journey to find the only copy of Footlong and the bike needed to play it, has returned to find Bacon Industries completely out of control. Like, Disneyland-level out of control. And the most shocking part of all of this? It’s HER fortune that’s been used to fund everything. As if Kyra needed another reason to distrust Randy.

Inside Bacon Industries, Kevin, Matthew McConaughey, Randy, and the rest of the crew sit down for their first table read. It doesn’t go super well, probably because Matthew is still under the impression that Kevin has a terminal illness and can’t stop crying, and Kevin, noticing that something is definitely off, isn’t so sure about this project anymore. But that’s not even the worst part of the day.

When Kevin and Randory arrive back home from their first table read, Kyra’s waiting for them… ready to show Kevin Footlong and finally expose Randy’s lies.

What happens next? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Tune into Spotify’s Instagram for a very special LIVE CHAT with Kevin, Kyra, Matthew, and Dan Abramson!

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