cards when you win in solitaire is another dank meme we cant argue with

‘Cards When You Win In Solitaire’ Is Another Dank Meme We Can’t Argue With

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'Cards When You Win In Solitaire' Is Another Dank Meme We Can't Argue With

Many of us know the struggle. Lack of internet or website permissions. A janky computer. These are things that have forced us to play Solitaire – a sure sign that you’re probably desperate for entertainment. And you don’t have a television or even a book to keep you occupied. This meme definitely takes us back to High School, and Reddit seems to be touched by a similar nostalgia. The r/dankmemes community has been churning out memes about the cascading cards animation that would occur upon winning the one-person card game. It started with a Spongebob meme, in which the yellow sponge appears to be cascading like the animated playing cards. The meme has since taken many other forms. Here are our favorites.


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