all the best memes reactions to the insane detective pikachu trailer

All The Best Memes & Reactions To The Insane ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer

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All The Best Memes & Reactions To The Insane 'Detective Pikachu' Trailer

The trailer for May’s Detective Pikachu dropped yesterday, leaving the internet mystified, amused, and (at times) horrified. See, it turns out that the adorable electric gumshoe is being voiced by Ryan Reynolds – and he holds back none of that signature Deadpool sass. Though many of the memes are reactions to Reynolds’ casting, there was more to laugh about. People have started likening Mr. Mime to “nightmare fuel” and poking fun at the images we’ve received of a very angry, and very fuzzy Jigglypuff. Here’s the best we’ve seen, but you can definitely expect more quality content as we get closer to the film’s release date.


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