tiktoks youll resonate with if youve been obsessively refreshing your feed for election results

5 TikToks You’ll Resonate With If You’ve Been Obsessively Refreshing Your Feed For Election Results

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5 TikToks You’ll Resonate With If You’ve Been Obsessively Refreshing Your Feed For Election Results

The Election was November 3rd, but here we are on November 6th still waiting on results.

So while we wait for the votes to be counted (and re-counted), here are a few TikToks that reflect our collective impatience and humor as we wait to find out the future of our country.

1. People being shocked that we actually have to count ALL OF THE VOTES before calling the election

It’s like we’re trying to have a functioning democracy or something…

2. Reporters hardcore improvising during live broadcasts because they have no new results, but have to continue reporting because we DEMAND 24-hour news.

They are the heroes we need (but don’t deserve).

3. Nevada taking WAY TO LONG to count their mail-in ballots, so legally we have to make fun of them until they announce their results

Maybe part of the reason Nevada is taking so long to count their votes is because they’re too busy watching all the spicy Nevada memes being created.

4. Remaining neutral in your social media posts has become impossible

May as well let people know which side of history YOU stood on before the results are finalized!

5. Your anxiety has driven you to behave erratically

It’s like The Purge, but instead of everything being legal, we’re just not allowed to judge each other for our nonsensical coping mechanisms.

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