eighteen marianne willamson memes thatll guide you to harness the power of love

eighteen Marianne Willamson Memes That’ll Guide you to Harness The Power Of Love

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eighteen Marianne Willamson Memes That'll Guide you to Harness The Power Of Love

President candidate, author and “spiritual guru” Marianne Williamson has been receiving a lot together with attention since her first democratic debate. Her hippie-ish sensibilities associated with belief in harnessing the power of enjoy have done more than make her one of the many memeable candidates. fter According to  Google Trends , Williamson secured the rank of top searched candidate during last night’s second Democratic debate. It would seem the crystal-lover really is making some waves – while her fans are making a sh*t ton of memes. We’re not sure we buy this “orb” stuff, but damn, the memes are funny as hell. 


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